HIT or MISS: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme's (two shades)


Today I will be discussing the new (well new for me) Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme's. The new trend seems to be "liquid lipstick this, liquid lipstick that", so I thought "why not give these a try?". I was recently introduced to these by my dear blogger friend Sunflowerviews, she had the shade Adorable on and I immediately fell in love with it. Now, these are not that easy to find I had to hunt a bit for them until I came across them at my local CVS Pharmacy. I would say your best bet would be to order these online directly from the Milani website.

The two shades I purchased were: Adorable & Striking 
(striking for some reason cannot be found on their website, perhaps it has been discontinued, although these pictures are from the website...strange.)


Here are swatches of both these lipsticks without flash and with flash:

On the lips:
(flash & natural light)

(natural light & flash)


These lip liquid/creme's are decent for their price, they currently retail for $9.00 on the Milani website, Walgreens has them for $7.99. I loved the nude toned it is my current go to. The red color not so much, as you can see in my lip demonstrations they tend to bleed out. I did not want to use lipliners for any of these because I wanted to show the true form of these lipsticks, and boy are they highly pigmented! I have also quickly noticed that they start to wear off for something as simple as drinking water or a soda. So the color stay power is awfully low and they tend to crumble. They do however smell lovely, like cake batter! So, was this a hit or a miss? The nude for me is a HIT-ish, the red... was a MISS! 

Have you guys tried these? Do you have any tips for me as far as making them last longer (i do only wear these with lipliners, always)? Let me know! I would really like to make the red toned work, it is so pretty!

With Love,

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