The beauty of Camo is that you can either dress it down or dress it up, wear it as a bottom, top and in my case as outerwear. For this look I decided to dress my Camo Jacket down with a basic black dress, nude toned sneakers and my fave black tote. This look was all put together in a matter of 10 minutes! It was a no brainer and comfort was the goal. My boyfriend and I decided to take a walk around Coconut Grove and see the damage Hurricane Irma had left and all I kept thinking about was "alright girl, dress comfortably.. this is going to be a hot and long outing!"

I have created a pinterest board titled "Styling Camo", and have put together a variety of looks for you all! I actually got my inspo from pinterest, it is such a great tool...WHY NOT? Be sure to check out the board, Fall is here and Camo is soooooo in.


Just to be clear, I am still in my 20's and these are just minor things I have learned along the way. Enjoy! Feel free to add to this list in the comments! 

  1. Stop freaking out over wanting to try a new drink at Starbucks. STOP being afraid to hold up the line while asking about the drink! Just doooooooooo it! I overcame my fear this weekend and actually found out that I love their Iced Salted Caramel Mocha. 
  2. Save save save some $$$! I recently saved up for my weekend birthday getaway to California. I had never been anywhere besides New York and Florida (which are both in the east coast and I actually live in FL). NO REGRETS! Also, if you are able to earn some travel miles, rack em' up! My sister has actually been to Europe for only $80.00! 
  3. If you want to do something life changing, like quitting that job, moving to a new state/city... now is the time. I have been thinking about this heavily! I lost count of the amount of times I have been told to just take this time to make mistakes and figure myself out. Layout that foundation. 
  4. Stop procrastinating. Just stop. Quit sleeping in and avoiding responsibilities, I was so guilty of this. I would roll out of bed at around 1:00 p.m. and say to myself "oh well! I'll do it another day!" Yeah..No. Get it done now, be wise with your time. I also say this because as an official member of the "Adults Club" I now schedule eyebrow/nail appointments on early Saturday mornings! Lol.
  5. Be grateful. Be grateful for it all, that includes the good and the bad. If it's good it will add to your life and if it is bad, it will add some too. Every fail is a lesson learned. Enjoy things while they last and savor every moment of it, for those rainy days. 
  6. Let anything that doesn't help you grow, GO. People, that job, those bad habits... E V E R Y T H I N G. People and things come and go, keep it moving sister! 


  1. I love how this look turned out, very stylish and comfortable! I agree about taking advantage of your time during the day, we're all guilty of just wanting to sleep in but like you said why do it when we can go out and do fun activities. Personally, I've learned to just bite the bullet and not overthink things.

  2. Thank you! Growing up and "Adulting" is not ideal but there are many ways to make it fun!

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  5. In the USA: New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all have fashion weeks.

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