One of Many Ways to Wear Denim! | #DIY

Hi Guys!

I know for a fact you will be seeing me in a lot of denim this spring and summer! Feel free to ignore me all spring and summer if you aren’t a denim fan lol.  I thought I’d share with you guys a little DIY-ish thing I did with this look. Let’s just say I work well under pressure and I don’t know what it’s like to ever be fully prepared whether it’s hours or days or months ahead! Now, not to say that is is necessarily a bad thing. Typically when I shoot on weekends, I pick my look in less than one hour. Here is why: I don't know if I will wake up bloated and the cute little outfit I had planned will no longer work! I rather feel things as they come and go with the flow! Anyone else? Let me further explain...

See, I am just one of those people who can go up on stage and just start talking or improvise for things on the spot. Funny story: my friend Cari bought me the cutest planner from VALFRE for Christmas and I have yet to use it. It is by far the coolest planner ever and she always gives me crap for not using it how I should. I am not one to write down every single thing, partly because I am pretty sure I am developing carpel tunnel (or something of that realm). I am good with memorizing which I know I shouldn’t really rely on. Ok, I feel like I got a little sidetracked… sorry! Maybe I should be filming videos instead of writing lol. Writing just makes me feel really relaxed. Keep reading for the look! 



I decided to improvise last minute and turn a regular denim button down shirt into a crop top. You can do this with any shirt, honestly. You can either create a knot (like I did) or if you want to get crafty, grab some scissors (only do this if you are experienced) OR get some pins and shorten the height of the top. I would normally just create a knot because that way I can keep the original shape of the shirt and use it both ways for more looks! Another thing I like to do is just tuck anything in. I love the whole tucking in a shirt with pants, skirts and shorts. It just gives a clean look in my opinion.


My pants are from a couple years ago (like 3-4 years). They may look similar to the pants I shot a couple posts down, but they are not. These are actually red orange and slim at the bottom. I like to think that this was a good purchase because even years after these pants seem to be worn very often by others. Again, Forever 21 is major key when trying to style on a budget. My shoes are simply tan Nine West heels I snagged up at Ross for $25.00! Denim top is from Banana Republic Outlet, $25.00 and some change. Tote is a no name brand (literally has no trace of a brand on it, since it is very very old) and I actually kidnapped it from my mother’s closet lol #sorrymom. I do know that she purchased this at ROSS many years ago! I am sure a replica can be found on Amazon! And lastly, my watch is actually from JORD. I recently had a campaign with them and was gifted this lovely watch. Personally, I think it is perfect for summertime since it is wooden!

By the way, I am so sorry if you can’t purchase these same exact items. I am just a hoarder of things and I tend to always come back and style old pieces! I will make sure to list a few items below for you to shop and get ideas from.

 If you are reading this, thank you for navigating through my rambling! LOL I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! Until next week! Adiossss!

Xo, Michelle

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