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So happy to see you all here! If you are here then you must like the constant rambling in my posts (actually lol'ing right now).  I promise I try to keep it at a medium with you all but truthfully speaking, I will only blog (and ramble) about something I believe in or love and these pants, I LOVE. I stumbled upon these little babies at Forever 21 for less than $25.00!

There are many reasons as to why I can say that Palazzo Pants are my favorite kind of pants to wear in the spring and summer time. Shall we? Nah, just kidding I wont bore you...much! However, I will tell you three main reasons as to why I chose these pants and style of pant. To start, I was not blessed with voluptuous curves and I always have to create my own curves! *cries in spanish*

  • Palazzo pants allow me look a little thicker in my hip area and create that curve and illusion of nice toned hip leg ratio.  
  • These pants are extremely long, and yes I had to hem them... A LOT. The length of these pants mixed with heels allow me to look taller and slender than what I truly am. They also help my posture in the sense that I do not slouch as I normally would. I feel like a queen in these pants, OKAY! LET ME LIVE! lol. 
  • These pants have vertical striped designs to them. Now, I will admit that I have put on a few and was feeling a little self conscious these days. Vertical stripes also give an illusion of a longer and slender figure. I can say that these pants probably removed about 5 pounds. All in all, palazzo, baby, you are awesome! Okay, but really, why are they called palazzo?
Here are a few shots of this look, I hope you enjoy! How do you style your 'palazzo' pants? Let me know in my comments below or on my instagram account! Also, keep reading for full outfit details. 

See ya, later! ♥

Outfit details: 
Top: under $10.00 at Discovery Clothing
Pants: under $30.00 at Forever 21 
Shoes: Black Strap Heel (I think these are from Lolas Shoetique)
Bag: Banana Republic Factory Store 
Shades: Ray Ban, Aviators 
Earrings: Greene Tassle earrings from Amazon

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