For many of you who don't keep up with my instagram account, it is where I share mostly... everything! From everyday to not everyday things. Which is why I like to have all my accounts linked into my blog (you can access my twitter and instagram feed to right column of my blog!) I am probably 1000% sure that I am boring ya'll with palazzo pants but... I just cannot let go. I feel that they are rocked best to it's fullest extent during summer and well.. it's summer weather in Miami already! Now, for someone who loves expensive things but also shops on a budget, I think that this look is a perfect example to that. I got this look for under $115.00!!!! Like, I mean... seriously the whole look. Including my purse! Which is vegan leather.. HELLO!

Some people like shopping to be quick and easy and do not get me wrong, I do too! But, I also love the challenges in trying to find luxe looking pieces for less. I was very drawn to this top simply because it screamed out VERSACE! It is a beautiful silk like top that wraps around your waist into a simple or dramatic knot. This top originally came with its matching pant set which is a pair of leggings with the same print. I personally was not drawn to the pants simply because I felt that I could style it way different to make it look much more elegant. I hope I achieved such with these red palazzo pants.

Speaking of these pants, they were only $25! I'm telling you all, you can nag all you want and call Forever 21 'BASIC' but they have so many good and affordable pieces. I have been shopping here since I was in middle school and they have gotten so so so good! They key is buying simple or not so simple pieces and styling them to your own unique way. Both my top and pants are from Forever 21 and I AIN'T MAD!
My purse, which is now my favoooooooooorite one is from Marshalls or is it Home Goods? Anyway, it was $39! I was drawn to it because of the flower detail. This is something different that I own nothing like. I decided that it would be fun to pair the purse with the chained print on this top. At first I was like "girl, you are crazy, put that purse down it doesn't match!" but I figured I would step out of my comfort zone and it worked out! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this look! It is also the last look you will see with my long hair. I decided to cut my hair into a bob about two weeks ago and I am loooooooving it! Please keep reading for more pictures of this look and as always my pictures are shot by @Richtheshooter on instagram!

Until next time, you beautiful people!
xo, Michelle

Palazzo Pants: @Forever21 
Heels: @LolasShoetique 
(these are old but I am sure these can be found anywhere)
Purse: @MadisonWest at @Marshalls 


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