Things I Have Learned In My 20's: Updated List

If you may recall a couple posts down to my blog post titled "Styling Camo + 6 Things My 20's Have Taught me" you might have read my little list on what I have learned along the way.. Well I am here to let you guys in on the tea of a couple other things I have learned! Some are pretty depressing if I must say but others are so extremely happy! Looks like I come bearing gifts today because I also have a cute little #ootd to share with you guys! This one was so much fun to style and shop for!

Before we get into the hard cold facts about being in your twenties let's talk about this #ootd! I first laid my eyes on this dress while I was being a reckless spender on a late Friday night at the wee hours of 1-2 a.m. lol. Lately, I have been loving this site called Shein. It's pretty much a much more affordable version of Forever 21 (honestly, Forever 21 is extremely affordable as it is and it's all about preference, Forever 21 is still my homie for lyf).

There are so many things that you have to take into consideration while shopping on this site though, Shein. However, I will not get into that today because this is not what we are here for (at least not right now but if you guys want a blog post or small instagram story on that I totally can!) Anyway, this dress was only $18! Listen, I don't know about you guys but I am all for styling on a budget. I got so much good feedback when I posted a picture with it on my instagram that I knew I had to do a blog post on this look. It was so simple and effortless to style. I am all for styling outfits that require many pieces to them because I love a challenge but I also love what I like to call "lazy styling". A dress, romper, and jumpsuits are so easy to style because you already have an outfit in one whole piece and there is no need to look for a top or bottom.

For this look I didn't have to look much because most of the things I already had. My shoes are from Target (by the way, target is truly and really the PLUG when it comes to trendy shoes!). I mean can Target get any better? Clothing, shoes, groceries, electronics.... ugh Walmart they are coming for your wig hunny! My dress we already know is from Shein and it comes in blue, red, black and now green! My handbag is from Amazon (just search wooden handbag, I tried looking for my exact link to it but it looks like the seller no longer has it! I added an alternative link below!) My hat is from one of my favorite stores on earth... Forever 21! If there are some items that you guys want from this look please be sure to check out my links below! I hope it helps. If not, shoot me an email or DM on instagram and I would be oh so happy to help you style the look!

I turn a year older next month and for some reason around this time of the year I feel so nostalgic. I start reevaluating every decision I have made up to this point. And like a normal human being who is discovering who they are everyday, I start to dwell on thing I could have done differently. All those things lead to loose and unsolved ends. Honestly, there is no point in dwelling on the past. I know this but for some reason sometimes those days hit. Before entering into my twenties I would see those who were already in them and say "ah, yes they have it all figured out! I will too once I get to that age... I will be engaged by this date and think about raising a family, and have a career and a nice house....." and blah blah. All those thoughts now make me cringe... HARD! I am 24 and I couldn't even think about children right now. I still call dad when my car is acting funny, can you imagine a whole human being? lol. I am silly. This brings me into my little updated list. Shall we?

  1. It's okay not to have it figured out! Take it one day at a time, dude! Rome wasn't built in a day. As long as you are working towards the goal that is what counts in this exact moment. As long as you are making some kind of progress whether small or big, that is what matters. Some times it feels like you are stuck or see no "change" I have felt that many times. I simply take a step back and try to view things from another perspective and boom... there it is. "Yay me!"
  2. Always stay moving and learning. Learn a new language, go to a new place, try a new dish, start a new workout plan, read a new book, hear a new podcast. Enrich your mind as much as possible. Feel and live things that are good for your soul. 
  3. Bills suck! They will always suck lol. Make sure to save some moola for those rainy days though! I am not even kidding. SAVE THAT MONEY HONEY. If you know you don't need those extra pair of shoes, new Huda Beauty palette then don't get it! I am currently saving up for my own place and hope that I can achieve that by next summer! 
  4. Mental health days are a thing and you should take them when needed. I have taken my fair share of mental health days and have zero regrets. Sometimes you need to take the day or two to realign your energy. If you can take advantage of those "pto" days at work, do it! If you are your own boss and need that day off then do it, BOSS! 
  5. Accepting that sometimes people outgrow each other. Sometimes there are things you just outgrow, it's life! For instance, I outgrew my leggings days... lol! No but seriously, it's life. There doesn't have to be bad blood or some kind of negative event. Let that shit go, baby. 
  6. I love getting to know myself. I try to fall in love with myself over and over again every day. I am my home for the rest of my life and I need to come to peace with it. I have learned to love my imperfections. It's still a battle but I am working on it and that counts. Having a blog has taught me a lot about myself and it has also helped me let go of many fears. For example the fear of rejection. By putting myself out there I am exposing myself to it everyday. My blog and whole being wont be for everyone and that is okay! 
  7. I have learned to find good things in the smallest things. Sometimes I feel like I am overflowing with happiness or sadness, too. For example I can be at a certain place completely alone with my own company and just being outside with lets say nice weather and a beautiful sunset and I can be like "WOW! Thank you God for this moment!" Just those little moments I get to spend alone while driving, trip to target, walking my dog and doing my makeup those moments I get to live in my head and just talk to myself are therapeutic and soul menders. Perhaps I've lived in my head for such a long time that this is something I have mastered. I know some people who hate what I just mentioned. They hate being alone. I personally love it. Now that is not to say that I don't enjoy company. I love company too! It's the lonely feeling that gets to ya. If you love yourself or are in the path of it that lonely feeling wouldn't hit you as hard as it does. Think about that! 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this little chit chat and ootd! If you made it this far, I love you and appreciate you! As always, if you guys have any suggestions on my next blog post, let me know! I am always open to suggestions! Remember that you can shop the look down below! It is 2:30 a.m. here in Miami and I have to get to bed! See you later! 

Xo, Michelle. 


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