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Ever since I passed the age of 21 (which is not too long ago!) I obsess over taking care of my skin probably more than I should. Nah, who am I kidding, one should always be obsessed with their skin! Honestly though, if your base is healthy (skin) then either a. your skin will be so bomb you might want to opt for zero makeup, or b. your makeup beat will be absolutely stunning and flawless! I choose both.

Acne has always been a battle for me and I try to focus my skincare ventures on fighting that issue. Now, in my experience, many anti acne products result in over drying of the skin. Overly dry skin is something you do not want, or at least I run away from. I hate the tight feeling as well as the itchy feeling. If you follow my journey through instagram (which you totally should! ... please?) you will always see me trying a new mask or just a mask that I love. One might say "ok, you mask too much!" but in reality, when I mask I tend to spot treat. What that is - is me simply applying the mask to the area where it is focused to tackle or at least advertised to tackle and where I want it to work. I will be showing and talking a little bit about my go to face masks and how I normally use them. Now, shall we?

Glam Glow: 
First up we have the Glam Glow Super Mud mask. I have been using this mask since I discovered it I want to say about 2 years ago. When I first discovered it I would apply it to my whole face, which was fun at the beginning but then I realized I was kind of applying it in my already dry areas and was doing more harm than good. I truly love this mask and believe in this product. It is a little pricey but if you use it wisely, it lasts a very long time. I use this one for two things, to spot treat a break out and in my oily areas such as my cheeks, chin and nose area. It instantly provides relief on a very angry break out. Also, it's kind of cool to see it visibly attack those yucky pores and pull all that gunk out. This one retails from $25 - $79.

I recently got the opportunity to try a couple of their goodies and was immediately impressed. Also, can we talk about how airy, cute and inviting their packaging is? The masks I have tried so far are sheet masks. I will say that I am not fond of sheet masks because they tend to slip off, not fit my face and are just tooooo wet and messy. However, I really liked these because they had the right amount of moisture. The ones I have tried so far are the SmartMud Mask, Firm Mask, Hydrate Mask and the Soothe Mask. I have tried their lip masks and eye masks and they are very very very nice! These masks work and tackle what they say they do and with so many gimmicky products in the market it shouldn't surprise me that a product is actually truthful... but it did! These masks usually come in 4-packs and retail for $30 for each pack.

The Smartmud mask did exactly what it had to do, but it didn't make me feel dry afterwards. In fact I felt so hydrated? Magical!
The Soothe mask I applied on a day that my breakouts were intense and I just needed a relief from it all. I used this one before bed and I didn't even have to apply all my regular creams because the moister on this was the perfect amount and enough. I woke up refreshed and moisturized.
The Hydrate mask is perfect to use for when you have overdone it with the clay/mud masks and just need to bring radiance and plump back to your skin!
The Firm mask I found that revamped my fine lines and made them a tad bit less noticeable (after one use!). The great thing about this mask is the fact that it has a neck extension. ummm hello? YES! The neck is something we all tend to neglect and seems to age faster. So, thank you patchology for caring about our necks! haha.

Dr. Brandt:
I love their products! I had a pleasure of trying the Vacuum Cleaner by receiving it in one of my Boxy Charm boxes. This product blew me away, I mean it really did it's thing. I tend to alternate with pore cleansing masks but during the time that I did have product, I always gravitated towards this one. First off, it does have a bit of a funky smell but do not be alarmed it is manageable. Next, it has these little beads that dry along with the mask so that when you are removing it you can also exfoliate. Upon applying it your skin feels so incredibly cooled. I love love love this mask to treat small areas. However, one thing I am not fond of is the price. I feel that we don't get enough product for the price of $42. If I were to purchase this one again I would totally use it wisely and try to only use it in cases of emergency! hehe.

Aztec Clay Mask:
Oh, sweet baby Jesus! This mask I feel like is so underrated and does not get as much recognition as it deserves. It's like one of those "top secret" masks in my opinion. Now, I have seen many in the market that have replicated this one but have not been able to nail it to the T. Simply because all those other masks are too over priced for the same exact thing you can get for $8-12! Yes, you read that correct. I first purchased my mask about two years ago and guess what? I still have left! I purchased my powdered clay through Amazon and it came in about two days. This mask does all that it says and more. I do recommend that you try it out in a small area to make sure you are not too sensitive to it.
I find that it is best used and mixed with a plastic spoon (or any plastic object, not metal) and apple cider vinegar. I know you can also mix it with water but I feel like it is more effective with the apple cider vinegar. ALSO, you will feel pulsating and will be red for about 20 minutes after removal, it is normal! Now, while wearing it, if you feel that it is too intense, please remove it! **I really recommend you try this mask. It is so much product for the price that you can even share with your friends! It is a dupe for the Muddy Body Detox mask** Retails for $8-12.

Peter Roth: 
I stumbled upon this brand at my local sephora and thought the masks were very pricey! However, where there is a will there is a way. Since this was my first time trying the brand I opted to purchase a set that brought 6 of their masks (I have the set listed below with a link). I loved 5/6 masks.The orange "pumpkin" mask gave me an allergic reaction and my face was burning and red for about 2 days. However, the rest were fun to try! There is a selection for everyone with this little set. From pore refining to hydrating to glowing skin! I do think this set is a must try and you should experience them at least once. The set retails for $25.

Que Bella:
If you are on a budget and want to mask for less than $5... this is it. I stumbled upon these little gems while at my local target. They have so many masks to choose from but I opted to purchase two masks to try them out. Turns out they are so good! Powerful little things and cheap, I STAN! I do recommend that you check this brand out because it is so affordable and you get so much product in each little pack, you could ever share it with someone. Perfect for a girls night sleepover! The coconut mask really minimized my pores and blurred out my skin to look less red. The pore one well, did just that, refresh my clogged pores from a days worth of makeup! I have the masks linked down below! Retail for $1.99-5.00.


While I have your attention, I wanted to let you know about eye masks I am loving right now! Please let me know if you would like a detail post curated for under eye care. I can totally do that! 

Masks to try for under eye: Wander Beauty Gold Foil Eye Masks and Patchology Eye Gels. Both masks are linked below and are just a must try! Wander Beauty can be found online or at Sephora and Patchology can be found online or at Ulta.

That is all folks! Now, let me know if you go out and try these babies, or if you have already tried them. Do you love them? Are you interested in trying any? Let's chat!

Xox, Michelle

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